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🤎Add a custom message on the dried flower balloon for a more special gift!


- artificial flowers are used to make our flower balloons
- Diameter of the balloon: 10-12inches
- FREE customized message service on the balloon
-100% Handmade - Made to order
-The Balloon Flower is durable lasts more than a month.
-Located in Houston, Tx (local customers can pick up)

* The shape of the flower may be slightly different from the picture.

*All products are custom, 100% handmade to order. Please note there are NO refunds/exchanges.

*Never use a sharp tool to open the package as it may damage the product.
*Please Do not use any sharp object like knife, scissors and etc.

*Avoid placing balloon next to sharp objects as well extreme hot & cold environments.

*If the item is damaged upon receipt, please make sure to take a picture of the shipping box and product right away and contact us within the day you receive your product from the carrier.

Thank you very much for your interest. Please let me know if you have any questions about the item. Thank you!

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